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Let yourself be carried away by the charm and magic of the Vall de Ribes located in the middle of the mountains of the Pyrenees with surroundings where you can enjoy nature-based experiential tourism. Our house offers you small-scale accommodation with only 4 rooms “Adults only”. You can visit large natural forests, walk countless trails or simply enjoy the impressive views from the accommodation itself.


At Serrat del Vent we work very hard for our clients to absorb positive emotions.

Give each day the opportunity to become the best day of your life

Quietness & disconnection

The treatment we provide, the healthy foods that we serve, the possibility to enjoy beautiful spaces to relax the body and mind, the interaction among the guests that allows for interesting socializing, being surrounded by nature, the natural materials that surround us in the house, help us provide you with a state of positivism and good vibes.

The pure fact of being in contact with nature in Serrat del Vent, implies being able to breathe a much purer air that helps us to clean our lungs, to be able to practice sports activities in a very healthy way, activate regions of our brain that they produce serotonin and dopamine which are the hormones that help us to be happy obtaining a high degree of serenity and optimism, exposure to the suns rays help us synthesize vitamin D and, above all, enjoy the wild beauty of the environment.